How to wash your car the right way.

car-washEveryone loves a beautiful shine to their vehicle all the time. I will walk you step by step on how to wash your car the right way. The first thing you need to do is get the proper items for that beautiful shine. You will need some car wash soap, you can buy it at your local auto parts shopor even your local retailers. When picking your soap make sure it is a brand that gurantees to get the bugs and grime off your car. Next you will need to get a leather shammy cloth for drying your vehicle. With this cloth it removes water better than a bath towel. Next get some good wax to shine your vehicle to its beautiful state. Get some exterior window cleaner that repels rain and water and also some interior glass cleaner. Last but not least if you want your tires to be glossy like the day you bought your vehicle get some sort of tire gloss or tire shine. Here are the steps:

Step 1: pull your vehicle on to your lawn or on a cement driveway.

Step 2: mix your car wash soap into a bucket along with a sponge, or soft brush sponge.

Step 3: take a garden hose with a spray nozel and pre rinse your vehicle. Make sure to spray your wheels and rims good for another step in the process.

Step 4: once you have rinsed your vehicle of all the dirt and grime start to apply your soap. (Note: that only wash portions of your vehicle especially in hot heatthis will keep from having the soap dry and leaving residue on your vehicle). Start with your front bumper and work your way back to the back of your car. The best way to wash with soap is to soak your sponge and go in circular motions with a little presser.

Step 5: after you wash each section it is a good idea to rinse it off so the soap does not stay on there while you are doing the next section.

Step 6: once you have cleaned each section and rinsed it off it is a good idea to repeat steps 3-5 to get any left over dirt or bugs off your vehicle.

Step 7: now its time to take your shammy cloth and start drying your vehicle. (Note: get the shammy wet then ring it out really good it works better wet). As you begin drying your vehicle you will notice that the shammy will absorb the water from your car. Do not be alarmed that it is doing its job just continue to ring it out as it gets full of water.

Step 8: once your vehicle is completely dry you can now begin to wax your car. Again only do portions of your car at a time. When waxing do not put a bunch of wax on your wax sponge. Just put a quarter size on the sponge and start running the sponge in a circular motion over each portion. Once the wax has dryed you may now take a soft dry cloth and begin to wipe the wax off. Again I would do this in a circular motion.

Step 9: once you have waxed your entire car you are now ready to shine the tires with tire gloss. In this step make sure your tire and rims are both dry. Most of the tire glossy is liquid and it comes in a squirt bottle. Squirt each tire and rim till it has the wet look. Wipe down rims only at this time. The gloss will begin to soak into your tire. Once this is complete you may have to apply another coat to each tire.

Step 10: now clean your windows inside and out. If time permits vaccuum the inside of your car to give it that new car look.

At this time your car should be as beautiful as the day you bought it and now its time to take it around the block and show off your beauty to your friends. This is the proper way to wash and clean you car. Good luck!

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